About RhINOS

Rhode Island Neurobehavioral Observational Study

What is RhINOS?

The goal of this project is to learn more about behaviors in newborns that may be related to meeting developmental milestones during the first years of life. Tracking these milestones may help us learn more about the onset and early identification of developmental delays such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In collaboration with the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute, the RhINO Study is interested in examining newborn cries, behavioral responses, and infant learning styles.  The information being collected includes cry recordings and behavioral responses to a standardized newborn assessment. Participants and caregivers will also complete questionnaires and assessments during the infant and toddler periods, up until your child turns 3 years of age.

Who Can Participate?

We are looking to recruit children and adults with ASD who will soon become first- or second-degree relatives (i.e., parent, sibling, or half-sibling) of an infant who will be born at Women & Infants Hospital.

What is Involved?

Your participation involves the collection of information in the newborn period followed by periodic follow up contacts until your child turns 5 years of age. These time points will include annual appointments at Women & Infants and additional brief questionnaires that you can complete at home at 3, 6, and 9 months of age. Family members with ASD will be invited to an in-person clinic visit for an interview- or play-based assessment, depending on age and language level, at Women & Infants upon enrollment.

We Welcome Your Participation!

There are several ways to learn more about the RhINO Study! You can call our study line at 401-453-7637, complete the form attached to this brochure to give to your provider, or follow the QR code below to complete a survey of your information and a member of our study team will contact you. A cash incentive will be provided to compensate participants for their time.

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