our mission 

We are working to improve the lives of Rhode Islanders with autism spectrum disorder and related neurodevelopmental disorders by promoting collaborative, cutting-edge research, improving health care and support services, and providing data-driven education and advocacy. We’re a community of families and individuals, researchers, clinicians, educators, and local agencies focused on both today’s and future generations.

We’re accelerating and advancing research and building a community of support. By connecting and coming together as a community, we are able to help advance science while at the same time bringing a new voice to the thousands of Rhode Islanders affected by ASD.

The need is real. There are enough people with ASD and related disorders in Rhode Island to fill the PawSox’s McCoy Stadium. That’s some 10,000 people.

Want to learn more? Explore the information on our website. Here are some quick links:

* In general, RI-CART uses person-first language to refer to 'people with autism' rather than identity-first language to refer to 'autistic people'. We make case-by-case exceptions based on participant or author preference.