RI-CART Experience

We are here to guide you through every step of your RI-CART experience. Your voice is vital to our success and we appreciate your participation. We know that you’re busy so want to make your participation as easy as possible. Please review the information below and contact us with any questions.

Planning your visit

Schedule your appointment:  We offer appointments at Bradley Hospital and many other locations throughout Rhode Island. We have appointment times during traditional office hours and after school, as well as in the evening and on weekends. Please plan about two hours for your visit. Transportation is available upon request. 

Preparing for your appointment: When you book your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes your confirmed appointment time, as well as directions to the appointment location and any specifics regarding parking, room numbers or other details for that location.The email also includes a few forms.You can also get a jumpstart on the paperwork by downloading the forms here.

During your visit

A research assistant will meet with you to go over a detailed consent form and answer any questions that you may have. You will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires that tell us more about you or child. Our team is happy to assist you with completing any of your enrollment forms as needed. 

ADOS: You or your child will also be offered an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) with one of our highly trained assessors at no cost. This is considered a gold standard” assessment of autism symptoms. To learn more about the ADOS, please click here. This evaluation includes an observation of social behavior and interaction. The activities done during the ADOS are dependent on age and ability. Please note that RI-CART does not diagnose.  We will provide you with the results to share with your doctors, schools and other providers as you wish.


Blood Draw or Saliva Sample:  The appointment includes a quick blood draw with our phlebotomist who is experienced in 

working with those afraid of needles. We can also collect a saliva sample instead of blood. If your child has anxiety about needles or you simply want to help your child prepare, please feel free to download and use our Social Story or Pictures Cards. 

Interview: We will conduct a brief interview and may ask for medical records. Your (or your child’s) comfort is of the most importance to us. If the process is too lengthy, we stop the interview and continue at a later date.

After your visit


After your interview, you may request a summary report of your assessment results to share with your own providers or have for your own records. All information that you provide and all findings from your visit are stored in a secure database. Your individual results are not released to anyone without your consent. Click here for more information on how we maintain confidentiality. You will also receive a call from our resource specialist from The Autism Project, who can help you to navigate medical, educational and other resources that are available to you and your family. She will also provide information on upcoming events and community programs that may be of interest.

RI-CART team members may be in contact about future RI-CART events and research studies that may be of interest to you. You have the option to say yes or no to participation in any study.

Have questions about participation or RI-CART in general? Check out our FAQ. Or, contact us at RICART@lifespan.org or 

(401) 432-1200 to sign up today.

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